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Men, good all day! Perhaps, too, share your story. Haven't apply in their environment that take viagra, but he can speak. A few months ago due to severe stress and some personal problems began to have problems in erection. To the doctor went, nothing good he told me just "wait". But did not want to wait, so I decided to try viagra. Drink half an hour before sex, is rooted to the spot! Girl in awe, never before has sex been so intense! Men, do not hesitate, try it!I agree, the problem in my head. It is called a syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure. A lot of useful information about it, causes and ways of treatment. I have, after the first use, remained neutral comments. Sometimes the organism itself better holds the riser. The body of an individual, I still can't understand under any circumstances (diet, alcohol, sleep the day before, etc.) sex will be 30 minutes or 3 hours.Hi, friends! :) Decided to improve their virility, and started taking Viagra about a month ago. Just take one tablet 1 hour before planned sex. I can confidently say that the result is great. Wife is happy, regular sex 3-4 times a week, although it could boast of only a couple of times a month. All recommend this drug! And what result do You get? Please share your impressions! ;)  
I have a problem, the first time a girl decided to have sex and I've not stood up well scream just because I was nervous and not in a very sober state, after I asked friends what the problem is they said because of the beer I drank a lot.
The second time I wasn't drinking, wasn't nervous, she started to do a Blowjob, I stood up, starting to stand and so he falls a couple of times I was very ashamed, but she comforted me, saying don't worry the next time out, but really embarrassing. Now I began to wonder what was wrong with him. After all, we are all Board and explain the situation why? I was in a relationship with a girl and led a regular sex life and everything was fine. But a year ago I broke up with her, very worried, in General, have received very strong psychological blow. And since then can't have sex with other girls, because my fighter or not or is very long. For example, while walking to wear a condom, it's not like he dressed up as the soldier went back to rest
Tell me how do I cope with this problem.. And if it's a psychological disorder, how to cure it without the help of doctors.. It occurs in young people quite often.During the first sexual intercourse on the background of excitement,overstimulation occurs failure.Subsequently,when the confidence in a relationship with a partner,it has a positive impact on the quality of sexual life.However, when you change partners,again not rare there are concerns about possible failure(sometimes this develops into a neurosis disturbing expectations setbacks sexual).Such young people should be less likely to change partners,and do not rush to resort from the first meeting to engage in sexual intercourse. Hi! Recently became less nervous to eat seeds and to go to "tarsal" the erection is a little stronger but end up still very quickly. I think I'll wait two more weeks if not better will go to the doctor. I'm 20. Sex life are recent. I have problems with erection. When to use a condom 1 time, it is normally only inserted and immediately after the movement finish ( 5 sec). Then when you want to wear the second member is almost not worth it, starts to rise chezem 5-7 min. In the morning, too, almost not worth it.
Perhaps the reason for the strong prealablement? Working a lot and sleeping little.
I Viagra came. Didn't go into the details in my head problem or something. Just tried to take before sex. Improved mood and my wife. Could three times per night. The fact is that with work, I come home completely exhausted, and the debt is marital has not been canceled. Wife happy, but my new secret knows. Abuse Viagra will not, while contemplating... maybe to drink a course?
I like that viagra is more to their liking, and my girl like myself the duration of sexual intercourse. Sometimes specially buy before the weekend, when there are no cases, no so you the whole day to lie in bed. However it happens so often, a couple times a month. But in General, we have to have sex every day, your performance is frankly not very pleasing to me.))
Talked as tov bath with the guys, all over 50. it turned out that almost everyone is somehow taking these drugs. it is good that you can prolong active life and male youth. nothing wrong with them no, even when taken regularly. if you follow the instructions. From alcohol and drugs is much more harmful for men's health than the drugs for potency.